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Kalaro Games is the publishing arm of Synergy88 Digital. The publishing team has a collective experience of more than twenty years in the online games publishing business and aims to make Kalaro Games the preferred mobile games partner.
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Mad Hog Mayhem

The planet Feynar has been attacked by the malicious Madhogs and it is up to Kit to stop them! Join Kit as he launches an attack on the Madhog mothership! The mission is perilous but Kit has a variety of powerful weapons and gadgets at his disposal! Kit...


Unblock Jeepney

Unblock Jeepney is an engaging sliding block puzzle game where you help the red Jeepney get out of a parking lot jam by moving other vehicles out of the way. Ever wondered what it feels like to direct traffic? Be the boss! Create order out...


Go Snap News

Enjoy this fun mobile guessing game that uses pictures and words. Play with your friends or other Go Snappers around the world. Win matches to rise up the leaderboard and earn gems to unlock more camera filters. ...