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Kalaro Games
Kalaro Games is the publishing arm of Synergy88 Digital. The publishing team has a collective experience of more than twenty years in the online games publishing business and aims to make Kalaro Games the preferred mobile games partner.
kalaro games
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Vince and Kath

Vince and Kath Romance is now

Unblock Jeepney

Help the red Jeepney get out the parking
lot jam by moving other vehicles

Catch the Guava

Fun and addictive, Catch the Guava
is simple and very easy to play:


Vince and Kath

Vince and Kath is inspired by the “Textserye” written by Jenny Ruth Almocera. It is an online series which went viral on the Philippine social media scene that tells the story of two lovestruck teens, Vince and Kath, through text messages.


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  • Catch the Guava
    Help the lovable Juan Tamad catch as many delicious guavas as possible!
  • Unblock Jeepney
    Ever wondered what it feels like to direct traffic? Be the boss!
  • Go Snap
    Snap and guess away in this quick and easy picture game!
  • Vince and Kath
    Discover romance in the world of texts and emojis!

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